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Position jaxe::JaxeElement::insertText ( final Position  pos,
final String  texte 
) [inline, inherited]

Insère le texte dans le Textpane en mettant à jour debut et fin

Definition at line 204 of file JaxeElement.java.

References jaxe::JaxeElement::attStyle(), jaxe::JaxeElement::debut, jaxe::JaxeDocument::getElementForNode(), jaxe::JaxeElement::getParent(), and jaxe::JaxeElement::insertText().

        SimpleAttributeSet att = null;
        JaxeElement jeparent;
        if (debut == null) {
            final Node parentnode = noeud.getParentNode();
            if (parentnode != null)
                jeparent = doc.getElementForNode(parentnode);
                jeparent = null;
        } else
            jeparent = this;
        if (jeparent != null) {
            if (jeparent.debut.getOffset() == pos.getOffset() && !(jeparent instanceof JESwing))
                jeparent = jeparent.getParent();
            if (jeparent != null)
                att = jeparent.attStyle(null);
        return (insertText(pos, texte, att));

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