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jaxe::JaxeDocument Class Reference

Inherits javax::swing::text::DefaultStyledDocument.

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Detailed Description

Classe représentant un document XML

Definition at line 92 of file JaxeDocument.java.

Public Member Functions

void addEditListener (final JaxeEditListenerIf edit)
void coller (final JTextComponent target)
boolean coller (DocumentFragment frag, Position pos, final boolean event)
boolean coller (final Object pp, final Position pos)
DocumentFragment copier (final int debut, final int fin)
EditorKit createEditorKit ()
void ecrire (final File f) throws IOException
JaxeElement elementA (final int pos)
javax.swing.text.Element elementTexteA (final String nom, final int offset)
void enableIgnore ()
Position fireElementAddedEvent (final JaxeEditEvent event, Position pos)
void fireElementRemovedEvent (final JaxeEditEvent event)
Position firePrepareElementAddEvent (Position pos)
void fireTextAddedEvent (final JaxeEditEvent event)
void fireTextRemovedEvent (final JaxeEditEvent event)
JaxeElement getElementForNode (final Node node)
ErrorHandlerIf getErrorHandler ()
InterfaceGestionErreurs getGestionErreurs ()
boolean getModif ()
String getPathAsString (final int p)
Reader getReader () throws IOException
Node getRootElement ()
void imageChanged (final JComponent comp)
javax.swing.text.Element insereSpec (final SwingElementSpec jspec, final int offset)
void insertString (final int offset, String str, final AttributeSet a, final boolean event) throws BadLocationException
void insertString (final int offset, final String str, final AttributeSet a) throws BadLocationException
 JaxeDocument (final JaxeTextPane textPane, final String nomFichierCfg)
 JaxeDocument (final Config newconfig)
 JaxeDocument (final String nomFichierCfg)
boolean lire (final URL url, final URL urlFichierCfg)
boolean lire (final URL url, final String cheminFichierCfg)
boolean lire (final URL url)
void mettreAJourDOM ()
void nouveau ()
String pp2string (final Object pp)
SwingElementSpec prepareSpec (final String baliseSpec, final int offset, final String texte)
SwingElementSpec prepareSpec (final String baliseSpec, final SimpleAttributeSet att)
SwingElementSpec prepareSpec (final String baliseSpec)
void remove (int offs, final int len, final boolean event) throws BadLocationException
void remove (final int offs, final int len) throws BadLocationException
void remove2 (final int offs, final int len, final boolean event)
void removeEditListener (final JaxeEditListenerIf edit)
void sendToWriter (final Writer destination)
boolean setDOMDoc (final org.w3c.dom.Document ddoc, final URL urlFichierCfg)
boolean setDOMDoc (final org.w3c.dom.Document ddoc, final String cheminFichierCfg)
boolean setDOMDoc (final org.w3c.dom.Document ddoc)
void setErrorHandler (final ErrorHandlerIf error)
void setGestionErreurs (final InterfaceGestionErreurs gestionErreurs)
void setModif (final boolean modif)
boolean setRootElement (final org.w3c.dom.Element node, final org.w3c.dom.Element configNode)
boolean setRootElement (final org.w3c.dom.Element node)
void setTextPane (final JaxeTextPane textPane)
void sousSpec (final SwingElementSpec parentspec, final SwingElementSpec enfantspec)
void styleChanged ()
boolean testerInsertionFragment (final DocumentFragment frag, final JaxeElement parent, final Position pos)
void virerEspaces (final Element el)

Static Public Member Functions

static String DOMVersXML (final Node xmldoc)

Public Attributes

Config cfg = null
HashMap< Node, JaxeElementdom2JaxeElement = null
org.w3c.dom.Document DOMdoc = null
String encodage = "ISO-8859-1"
File fsave = null
URL furl = null
JFrame jframe
boolean modif = false
String nomFichierCfg
JaxeElement rootJE = null
JaxeTextPane textPane

Protected Member Functions

String chercherConfig (final Element rootel)
void majIndentAjout (final int offset)
void majIndentSupp (final int offset)
Node removeProcessingInstructions (final Node n)
void removeText (final int offs, final int len, final boolean event) throws BadLocationException

Static Package Attributes

static final String kPoliceParDefaut = "Serif"
static final int kTailleParDefaut = 14
static String newline = Jaxe.newline

Private Member Functions

void appleBugWorkaround (final int dot)
int childCount (final Node n)
boolean goDeep (final Node n)
boolean isFirstTextElement (final Node n)
boolean joinNodes (final Node child, final Node nextSibling)
org.w3c.dom.Document lectureDocumentXML (final URL url)
void setDefaultStyle ()

Private Attributes

final List< JaxeEditListenerIf_editListener
boolean _ignorer = false
ErrorHandlerIf errorHandler
InterfaceGestionErreurs gestionErreurs = new GestionErreurs(this)

Static Private Attributes

static final Logger LOG = Logger.getLogger(JaxeDocument.class)
static final ResourceBundle rb = JaxeResourceBundle.getRB()


class  JaxeEditorKit
class  JaxeViewFactory
class  ReaderThread
class  SwingElementSpec

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